Scouring your Instagram feed at this time of year is a seriously gruesome gamble, because for every adorable baby in a pumpkin outfit and spooky makeup tutorial chances are you’ll stumble across something horrifying.

In this case, it’s Dutch self-taught artist PiggieLuv with one of the most disturbingly lifelike nail art tutorials we’ve ever seen. Prepare to be grossed out.

The video, which has been viewed more than a million times, features PiggieLuv creating a design that resembles something from the American Ring movie; you know, the part where her finger nails fall off when she’s trying to escape from the well? Be warned, it’s truly disturbing. 

She writes: “I am SO sorry if this freaks anyone out! I don't get the chance to post gory nails (or lack thereof) during the rest of the year, Halloween is my chance to go all out!”


Gyaaaa what have I DONE??? What will I paint on, now that my nails are gone?

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The look was created by carefully applying wax on top of her existing nails to make them look like raw, peeled skin.

She then applied fake blood, and topped each nail with a falsie to set the shape of a tattered cuticle while some fingers are left bare for a seriously gory illusion.