Naomi Campbell has one, Kate Moss has one, and now Heidi Klum will get one too: beauty house Coty has confirmed it is working on a fragrance line called Shine with the German supermodel.

Klum, who has already worked with Coty's European label Astor and who previously created a beauty product range for lingerie brand Victoria's Secret, took a surprisingly long time to debut her signature scent. The model, highly popular thanks to TV shows such as Project Runway, has successfully launched her own clothing and jewelry ranges in the past.

However, her perfume's promoters would be well-advised to rethink their marketing strategy after rubbing a number of beauty news outlets the wrong way: their claim that Klum was a "complete woman" and therefore worth representing Coty caused an outcry along the lines of StyleList saying: "We're just trying to figure out what other women are missing that makes them incomplete. If a woman - if any person - has accomplished a lot of stuff in their life, that doesn't make them more complete. It just makes them accomplished. [...] Is a woman not already a complete entity in and of herself? What are you trying to tell us, Coty?"

In any case, the beauty giant still has some time to backpaddle: Shine will debut in stores in September.