These how-to tutorials will keep your hair looking beautiful, shiny and fresh during the summer months.

How to: keep your hair healthy, wash your hair scientifically, care for dry or damaged hair, prevent hair loss, protect your hair when you go swimming, make your own natural hair conditioner, protect your hair from harmful sun damage, make a natural oil mask, keep your hair fresh between washes, combat frizz with natural products, naturally degrease oily hair, and make a buttermilk mask for healthy hair.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

How To Wash Your Hair Scientifically

How To Care For Dry, Damaged Hair

How To Prevent Balding

How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine and Saltwater

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Hair Conditioner

How To Protect Your Hair From the Sun

How To Make a Natural Oil Mask For Damaged Hair

How To Keep Your Hair Looking Good Between Washes

How To Make a Banana Hair Mask To Combat Frizz

How To Degrease Oily Hair Naturally

How To Make a Buttermilk Mask For Healthy Hair