With a bit TLC your smackers can feel soft and nourished / Getty

Because there’s nothing sexy about a dry, chapped pout

There are few things worse than dry, chapped lips and with National Kissing Day fast approaching you’re going to want to ensure your pucker is smooth and ready for action.

This year, the dedicated day to canoodling takes place on June 23 for it’s 11th consecutive year – it looks like romance isn’t dead after all.

But, there’s absolutely nothing appealing – or comfortable for that matter – about a pair of parched lips. Luckily though, with a bit of love and attention your smackers can feel soft and nourished once more.

First of all, it’s important to understand why our lips need a little extra TLC – even in the summer months. With skin that’s extra thing and sensitive, lips don’t have any hair or sebaceous glands, which assist in keeping the skin lubricated and protected. 

As such, their only source of moisture is your saliva but this can lead to them becoming easily dry and chapped.

What’s more, they also don’t have any melanin, which is your body’s natural way of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. That’s why our lips are at higher risk of sunburn and you should always use an SPF.

Unfortunately, swiping on the occasional pat of Vaseline just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to lip care. So, what should you be doing to keep them in tip-top shape?

Lips, like all other skin, need to be exfoliated but try and keep it limited to just once a week using a dedicated lip srub, otherwise you could damage them. 

Similarly, just like your favourite hydrating face mask, lip masks offer a quick dose of moisture. A Korean beauty product that has quickly become a global beauty phenomenon, lips masks will condition, plump and smooth your pout. 

An often overlooked but seriously effective way of achieving an enviable pucker is to use a primer before you apply your favourite lippie. A product that sits somewhere between a balm and a lipstick, it partially moisturises and fills in lines to manipulate an even canvas ready for smooth application and long-lasting colour.