Discover deliberately dishevelled hair this season / Getty/iStockphoto

It’s this season’s hottest hairstyle

The raw embodiment of summer, beach waves are one of those hairstyles that return to the beauty sphere year upon year, but is it any wonder?

The ability to look like you’ve been hanging by the beach all day, sun-kissed, salt-strewn and without a care in the world is something we all lust after – even if we are stuck in the office.

But, how easy is it to achieve IRL?

Considered an effortless style, the lazy or inept among you will be glad to hear that surf-side strands are easily achieved.

That being said, when it comes to looking like you’ve just stepped off the board walk there’s a fine line between tousled beach babe and sea witch. 

The key to deliberately dishevelled hair without looking too OTT is essentially making sure that your curls aren’t perfect and this can be achieved with just a few simple products.

First of all, you’re going to want to invest in a decent set of tongs but before purchasing make sure you check out the size; the bigger the barrel, the looser the wave. 

Likewise, investing in a sea salt and texturising spray is an absolute must. While the former will encourage your hair to give-in to its natural kinks, the latter works to add movement, volume and staying power for serious bed-head texture.

Here, we have all the steps you need to achieve your own messy waves on dry land.

- This style looks great on day-old hair but if you are going to wash it just make sure you don’t use too much conditioner as this can weigh it down. 

- Once your hair is semi-dry, flip your head over and generously spritz sea salt spray all over the ends avoiding your roots.

- For a more natural look, you can leave things here and let your kinks settle with air-dry hair.

- But, for a more statement look, turn on those tongs and section your hair. 

- For ultimate tousled locks, take small sections of your hair and wrap around the tong for approximately 3-5 seconds. Make sure to keep a few centimetres of each end free.

- Once the entire hair is finished, run your fingers through and finish with a blast of texturizing spray.