Scent is an evocative thing and as such should be handled with some care / Rex

Give your fragrance an autumn/winter makeover with new seasonal offerings, writes Emma Akbareian

Whatever the weather is doing, there are a few rituals that herald the return of autumn: dark evenings, untangling the knot of opaque tights and Starbucks pumpkin-spicing things up. While it’s common knowledge that the new season brings with it the need to make wardrobe alterations, less considered but equally important is a change in fragrance.

Scent is an evocative thing and as such should be handled with some care: the sweet floral notes and fresher scents that are normally associated with spring/summer aren’t well suited to the colder winter months.

Traditionally, notes for the season are heavier than those used in spring. Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid includes the signature black orchid alongside Turkish rose and vanilla. Furiosa by Fendi is similarly rich in depth with amber, jasmine and incense creating a heady combination.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt is new at Jo Malone, and in a departure from its usual bi-seasonal releases that often centre on florals or fruit, it uses ingredients less commonly associated with perfume. “For me, this fragrance is different,” explains Christine Nagel, master perfumer at Jo Malone. “The sea air mixes with salty spray and the mineral texture of sand and rock. Like the scent of driftwood, it has a natural and fresh sophistication.”


Rose Infernale is one of two new fragrances by Terry de Gunzberg that centre around the well-utilised rose - rather than powdery sweet, the addition of nutmeg and frankincense gives this a spicy edge that make it ideal for cosy winter days.