The in-cosmetics beauty fair wrapped up in Paris April 15, and while attendance was restricted to professionals, the event's launches will of course impact on the products we will soon be seeing on the shelves. Here are five of the most exciting innovations.

Our skin will recreate its own moisture
Sederma has launched Revidrate, which the brand claims is the first moisturiser that regulates the genes to enable the skin to recreate its own natural moisture.

We will remodel our curves
With Voluform, SEPPIC has introduced what it calls a 'novel 3D plumping active ingredient' that can recreate curves around the face and bust.

We will rely on the stem cells of the Alpine Rose
The Alpine Rose grows on hillsides of up to 3,200 meters, and Mibelle's PhytoCellTec product uses the rare plant's stem cells to improve the skin's barrier by ameliorating epidermal regeneration, helping with skin conditions and protection from UV and humidity changes.

We will shower on our sunscreen
The Aquea Scientific Corporation has launched Aquea SPFx, the first shower-on sunscreen. Paraben-free, Wash On can be added to soaps and shampoos to deliver all the benefits of conventional sunscreen while still maintaining the advantages associated with cleansing products.

We will refuse to age
Sif Cosmetics has created the EGF BIOeffect Serum designed to make skin cells imitate the processes of younger cells. Suitable for all skin types, the formulation works to rejuvenate the skin from within.