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Shades of khaki and cream aren't just for wearing on safari, says Lee Holmes

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If this summer's love-in with flower-power prints is not to your taste then fear not; the eminently wearable safari trend is a fail-safe option for the gentleman who prefers to prowl around town unnoticed. It's easier on the eye than any gaudy bloom on offer, yet still retains the whiff of the great outdoors about it.

The safari jacket, which was worn with such panache by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s, can nowadays seem a little tired to our modern eyes. For the jacket to work successfully in the urban jungle of today, avoid anything too retro because this will only make you look like you've got lost en route to the Serengeti. Sophisticates should look to Belstaff and Balmain for a modern, slimmer cut .

The jacket itself is perfectly compatible with our inclement British summers; lightweight enough to fold away into your bag, it's also sufficiently robust to withstand the elements. What's more, its remarkable versatility ensures continued success; for a gentlemanly air wear it over a suit and tie to emphasise its blazer-like qualities or dress it down with denim.

This is a trend that doesn't push many boundaries, with the safari colour spectrum of olives, sands and khakis slipping easily into your existing wardrobe. Now is the time to make the most of summer sales and trade up your navy suit for one of a more neutral hue. A lightweight cotton khaki two-piece perfectly encapsulates how to adopt this style, proving that a safari look in town is worth two in the African bush.