It was fun while it lasted: CondeElevator shuts down

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Having attracted almost 60,000 followers in less than a week, the guy or girl who started posting the hilarious conversations going on in publishing house Condé Nast's elevators seems to have gotten cold feet.

Wednesday's final tweet, which reads: "Girl or Guy #1 [in elevator alone]: This got really crazy. Love my job. Better stop. #sorry," has again caused speculation about the author's identity after many thought the account was a cleverly orchestrated publicity gig by the company itself.

According to the NY Post, it had amassed more followers on Twitter than some of Condé Nast's publications, and a "high-ranking executive" commented that "the online strategy of one rogue Conde employee seems better than that of some Conde magazines. How many magazines have built a Twitter following that fast before?"

CondeElevator's shut-down seems to hint at its author fearing to get fired from the publisher, however, which doesn't keep fashion blogsfrom begging its readers to tip them off as to who was really behind it. Meanwhile, its popularity has already spawned spin-offs by rival publishing houses such as Hearst - follow Hearst Elevatorz at!/hearstelevatorz.

To bid goodbye to the original, here are five of its most popular tweets:

Summer Intern: My driver had SUCH a bad attitude. I was like, "don't complain to me, I didn't eat lunch either! You think I eat clothes?"

[Girl holding brownie abashedly in elevator] Male coworker: I'm not judging you.

Old dudeitor: You goin' to that thing tonight? Young dudeitor: What thing? Old dudeitor: Ah, guess not.

Girl #1: She's making me run a million errands this afternoon. Girl #2: Oooh, will you bring me an iced coffee on your way back?

@CondeElevator. How about: Girl #1: Hiii, how are you honey? Girl #2: fineee Girl #2 (3 secs later): This girl is such a bitch