As Japan hosts a Asia-Pacific summit this week, a women's underwear maker Wednesday unveiled a bra that is meant to lift spirits as well as bust lines and support the country's tourism sector.

Triumph Japan showcased its bustier-style "Welcome to Japan! Bra" that it said was inspired by a tour guide's uniform, features a display for images of sightseeing spots and can greet visitors in three languages.

A row of three electronic push buttons running down the centre of the garment triggers audio greetings in English, Chinese and Korean.

"Furthermore, tour guide flags are inserted on each side of the bra," the company said. "When not used to guide tourists, the flags act as side stays, providing good support and creating an attractive bust line."

The most risque feature is a short skirt attached to the dark blue outfit that flips up to reveal a map of Japan.

Triumph said it hoped the design, the latest in a line of not-for-sale promotional bras it has launched to mark major trends and events, will help support Japan's goal of attracting 30 million foreign tourists a year.

Promising a lingerie boost for the country's hospitality industry, it said: "Identifing and making good use of abundant tourism assets that still remain untapped in Japan will contribute to stimulating the domestic economy."

Triumph released the model as Japan hosts an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit and weeks after Tokyo's Haneda airport opened a new runway, an event Triumph honoured with a small aircraft attached to one bra strap.