Jessica Simpson's beauty show premieres on TV

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Six years after her MTV show Newlyweds together with then-husband Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson's latest venture, The Price of Beauty, premiered on VH1 in the US this week.

The show, which deals with the scrutiny of women's bodies - prompted by harsh reports on the singer's own weight fluctuations - and beauty rituals in different cultures, traveled to Thailand for its first episode.

Ironically, her makeup artist and hairstylist (and best friend) Ken Paves embarks with her on her journey of finding the secret of true inner beauty, but there are many more reasons why the show has gotten mixed reviews: "Unfortunately, the mission got off-track when Jessica and her friends gagged on fried bugs and giggled during meditation with a Buddhist monk," writes celebrity and fashion blog, Jezebel, while The Cut calls Jessica's product placement for her own fashion line and thinks that her "quest [for inner beauty] has an unattractive side."

Still, observations about what women undergo all around the world in order to be beautiful - whether it is tanning or the equally dangerous skin bleaching - are worth a debate, and the Huffington Post stays optimistic about Simpson's cause: "Hopefully, this show will help remind all of us to think carefully about how we define beauty and to reconsider how we "judge" attractiveness in ourselves and others."

Clips of the show can be watched on YouTube:

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