Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld has released a teaser for the short film "Remember Now," which has been filmed for the label's Cruise Collection show in Saint Tropez, May 11.

"Remember Now" was also shot in the glamorous town in the south of France, where fashion aficionados from around the world will come together for one of the most-anticipated fashion shows of the year.

In the teaser, French actor Pascal Greggory and Italian model Elisa Sednaoui are seen flirting in a local nightclub, while supermodels are dancing around them (including, of course, Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi), dressing, undressing, and dressing again, lounging in luxury hotels and cruising past them on scooters or the latest fashion Batmobile - in short: living life in Saint Tropez.

'Cruise' or 'resort' collections are ranges worn in between seasons, meant for wealthier customers who invest in a new wardrobe more than twice a year. The name 'cruise collection' stems from the clothes being originally designed for ship cruises or holidays in warmer realms during the winter months. Many designer brands now offer these lines, e.g., Gucci, Dior, or Ralph Lauren, but Chanel's - due to its spectacular, globetrotting nature - is the most prestigious among them.

For more pictures and videos from Saint Tropez in the following days, visit The Cruise Collection will be livestreamed there from 7.30pm CET on May 11.