The unorthodox trick promises to make your skin super-smooth /

The Asian inspired trend is taking the beauty world by storm

This might sound like the most counterintuitive beauty fad yet but according to those in the know, dunking your face in a cold bowl of water could be the secret to perfectly matte skin.

Like most beauty trends – think sheet masks, BB creams and cushion foundations – Jamsu started in Korea and is the hot tip in K-beauty right now.

Roughly translated to ‘diving’ or ‘submerging’, the technique was invented by a Japanese beauty blogger and involves nothing more than a bottle of baby powder and a basin of water. 

So what does it involve?

Start by carrying out your routine as usual - cleanse, moisturise and apply your primer, foundation and concealer. Next, shake a heavy amount of baby powder onto your palms and pat it on to your face.

After filling a sink with cold water, plunge your powdered façade into the bowl and hold it there for around thirty seconds. Finally, pat your face dry and finish the rest of you look.

You should be left with an intensely matte complexion that’s super-smooth and even-toned. 

Beauty buffs have long hailed the superior skincare regime of the Asian continent but would you be willing to give this one a go?