Looking for summer outfit inspiration? Turn to Blake Lively

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The Gossip Girl star has returned to Polyvore's top ten of most fashionable celebrities, thanks to her sunny style solutions of the past weeks.

Lively is still topped overall by her co-star Leighton Meester, however, who has been rocking more adventurous looks lately. Another star is making a comeback this week: model Gemma Ward, who took a timeout from fashion recently, has been able to convince the online community with her personal style, just in time for her Pirates of the Caribbean movie debut.

No big rise, but a big fall can be recorded in Polyvore's top brands of the week, with Topshop plummeting eight places, making room for Supertrash at the top. Affordable labels H&M, Wet Seal, Antik Batik, and Madewell are all returning to the charts.

Topshop manages to remain in the top three websites, however, while Net-à-Porter climbs thanks to its massive ongoing sale.

In trends, users seem to be reverting to transitional styles, ogling knee high boots, lug-soled shoes, and wedge boots, as well as high waist trousers and acid wash jeans.

Top brands
01. Supertrash (+4)
02. H&M (re-entry)
03. Wet Seal (re-entry)
04. Elie Saab (+3)
05. G by Guess (+1)
06. Rag & Bone (+2)
07. Jane Norman (-5)
08. Antik Batik (re-entry)
09. TopShop (-8)
10. Madewell (re-entry)

Top sites
01. generalpants.com.au (+1)
02. calypsostbarth.com (+4)
03. topshop.com (-2)
04. lagarconne.com (+4)
05. tillys.com (no change)
06. allsaints.com (re-entry)
07. boutique1.com (no change)
08. net-a-porter.com (+1)
09. gbyguess.com (-6)
10. delias.com (-6)

Top celebrities
01. Olivia Palermo (no change)
02. Kim Kardashian (no change)
03. Victoria Beckham (+4)
04. Leighton Meester (-1)
05. Georgia Frost (+3)
06. Chanel Iman (-1)
07. Blake Lively (re-entry)
08. Gemma Ward (re-entry)
09. Kate Moss (no change)
10. Anne Hathaway (-6)

Top trends
01. knee high boots (re-entry)
02. printed scarves (new)
03. skinny pants (re-entry)
04. lug-soled shoes (new)
05. oversized watches (re-entry)
06. wedge boots (re-entry)
07. acid wash jeans (re-entry)
08. high waist trousers (re-entry)
09. graphic tees (re-entry)
10. sequin tanks (re-entry)

Data collected on June 21.

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives 6.5 million individual visits a month.