These are clothes designed to be worn on the go /

The designer’s back with a sports-meets-workwear vibe

Collaborations between high street brands and acclaimed designers are pretty much two-a-penny. So-much-so that these highfalutin collections, although usually accompanied with a fanfare of bells and whistles, don't actually pack that much of a punch. 

Sometimes though, there's a launch that does catch the eye and heritage brand Jaeger's partnership with British designer Lou Dalton is one of these happy exceptions.

In fact this is actually the second time Dalton, who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1998 and launched her eponymous label in 2008, and Jaeger have worked together. 

And it’s easy to see why; both construct clothes that are practical yet elevated wardrobe basics, garments that are unfussy yet focused.

For this particular collection textured outerwear is key with a twill bomber jacket and a nylon windbreaker looking likely to be the big best sellers.

There's also adjustable seam on form fitting knitwear and techy fabrics such as stretch nylon and breathable cotton. 

Overall you're left with the distinct feeling that these clothes are designed to be worn on the go - the same outfit could see you cycle to work and hotfoot it straight into an important meeting while still looking on point.

Perhaps most importantly, this collection also has that all important longevity factor; you'll keep wanting to wear these clothes for years to come.

Available in stores and online.