Everything is devoted to high-end travel at Vuitton, now more than ever, with recent highlights of that spirit including Neil Armstrong-space-themed ads, one-off luxurious travel bags by contemporary artists, and now the label's new fine jewelry collection, due to hit the label's Paris flagship store October 15.

Named Spirit of Travel, the range consists of six sets, each including a unique necklace for $2.5 million, created by jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, who said that he was inspired by a lifetime of travels.

Together with the collection, a one-off, 30-carat diamond ring was presented to a happy few during Paris Fashion Week. 

Vuitton has suggested before that it wanted to up its credibility in the field. But according to Women's Wear Daily, the brand's signature colors brown and gold as well as its signature flower symbol will help to keep Vuitton's identity.

The new jewelry line will be made available to the public on October 15 at the Louis Vuitton flagship store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

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