Rappers' fascination with luxury brands is far from dying down: following this summer's surprise hit " Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn, it is Soulja Boy who is expressing his fashion love with an EP dedicated to Bernard Arnault.

The maker of "Crank that" and "Turn my Swag on" has turned his attention to Arnault's signature brand Louis Vuitton, offering lyrics such as: "It don't make no sense why they LV fake. But mine's real!"

But while Soulja Boy manages to mention and correctly pronounce the label more than 60 times (rivaling Jennifer Lopez's obsession with her Louboutins in her single of the same name), Arnault likely won't be pleased with being called Robert instead of Bernard several times as part of the new song.

"Louis Vuitton" is part of the rapper's Bernard Arnault EP available for download at http://goo.gl/ZlBAc. Listen to the song at http://youtu.be/ghkklsnSj98.