Artist and perfumer Anne McClain asserts that scents "can convey memories and feelings in a uniquely impactful way" and created the fragrance Humanity to spread compassion.

Hear McClain explain how the scent has been "manipulated" to spread compassion:

A fragrance to evoke compassion may be novel however scents via candles and colognes have promised 'love, money and desire' including the skeptical pheromone trend with Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men ($59.95/€47) and Cleo for Women ($69.95/€55).

The Humanity scent "is based around the Indian white lotus flower, a symbol of purity from ancient cultures.  Rich in vanilla inflections with notes of maté tea and sustainable sandalwood from Australia, the scent is fresh, sheer, floral and woody, and comes blended in a base of three organic oils."

Each bottle, shaped like a heart, is handmade, numbered and 100% of the initial proceeds of the Humanity fragrance paid for the August 7th building of the Humanity perfume fountain in Brooklyn, NY. A 12ml perfume oil bottle of Humanity costs $125/€98.

Additionally, McClain is to offer workshops on basic perfumery and aromatherapy beginning on September 6 in New York City at Le Labo's Nolita store. For more information contact: or visit