Dressing to keep the frost at bay is about to become obligatory

Cold weather is a bore. In fact, in an ideal world you’d take as many warm weather vacations as you possibly could, thus avoiding the chilly winter altogether. But unless you’re related to, say, the famed Rockefeller family, then jetting from one tropical island to another, while chasing the winter sun, is but a dream. 

If you’re firmly rooted in the UK however, then dressing to keep the frost at bay is going to become obligatory, sooner rather than later. Indeed, wintering on this particular island calls for spending any extra money you do have on cold weather clothing, with the most important piece proving to be your coat.

Like it or not, it’s a crucial piece of outerwear that shouldn’t be throw on willy-nilly just as you’re leaving the house, primarily because it’s your last line of defence against the increasingly parky weather. But it’s also a passionate statement about your individual style; remember, it’s the first piece of clothing that others will notice about you, so you want it to elevate the rest of your outfit.

The choices available to you are almost limitless but one man’s choice of winter coat is another man’s brush with hypothermia, so here are five key styles that combine both function and pizzazz.

The topcoat is an old school favourite and can be worn with almost anything. At Cos this season they’re cut on the roomier side which means you can wear an extra layer of clothing for extra warmth. It’s also incredibly versatile, easily worn over smart tailoring or a casual hoody.

Plump for the military bomber jacket and you’re choosing a menswear classic that never seems to go out of style. And the same goes for the ever adaptable denim jacket; those with fleecy linings at AMI or Levis ensure you’re all the better equipped for fighting sub-zero temperatures with style.

If you’re in the market for something that fits perfectly into this seasons 1970’s vibe, then look no further than the sheepskin or shearling coat. And although they can be a little on the expensive side, chose wisely and you’ll have a jacket that can last a life time. Still, if you’re strapped for cash then head to the high street stores like Topman and Reiss for affordable versions.

Finally, let’s not forget the trusty parka, probably the ultimate winter jacket that gives you both form and function. Cocooned in this cold weather staple you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re prepped and ready for whatever our wily weather throws at you.