Thanks to the rising popularity of model street style blogs, a new guard of faces (and bodies) including Constance Jablonski and Georgia Frost are replacing the Bundchens of this world as Polyvore users' premier style icons.

They are joined by modeling veterans such as Coco Rocha or Isabeli Fontana, but new princess Kate Middleton - who continues to boost sales of everything from tanning products to wedding dresses - still reigns supreme in the site's celebrity ranking.

Another top spot remains unchanged this week, with Topshop still dominating in brands and also climbing to number one in websites. Fellow UK retail chain Miss Selfridge is on a quick way up, too, rising five places compared to last week, while high-fashion brands such as Chanel and Elie Saab make a comeback thanks to the red carpets of Cannes.

As for Polyvore's main trends of the moment, it is safe to say that users want summer to be here already, with wedges, cropped shirts, and aviator sunglasses all returning to the list. Paper bag shorts, styled in a varied array of girly, flirty outfits, have entered the top ten in first place.

Top brands
01. Topshop (no change)
02. Isabel Marant (+6)
03. G by Guess (-1)
04. Miss Selfridge (+5)
05. Elie Saab (new)
06. Rag & Bone (re-entry)
07. Jane Norman (no change)
08. Balmain (-3)
09. By Malene Birger (re-entry)
10. Chanel (re-entry)

Top sites
01. (+3)
02. (+5)
03. (-1)
04. (-3)
05. (+1)
06. (re-entry)
07. (-4)
08. (re-entry)
09. (new)
10. (-1)

Top celebrities
01. Kate Middleton (no change)
02. Isabeli Fontana (+5)
03. Leighton Meester (+2)
04. Kim Kardashian (+3)
05. Anne Hathaway (-3)
06. Liv Tyler (-2)
07. Kate Moss (-4)
08. Georgia Frost (new)
09. Coco Rocha (+1)
10. Constance Jablonski (-1)

Top trends
01. paper bag shorts (new)
02. wedge shoes (re-entry)
03. slingback pumps (new)
04. cropped shirts (re-entry)
05. oxford pumps (re-entry)
06. leather leggings (re-entry)
07. harem pants (re-entry)
08. ankle cuff shoes (re-entry)
09. aviator sunglasses (re-entry)
10. pleated skirts (new)

Data collected on May 17.

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives 6.5 million individual visits a month.