New fashion venture Fashiolista, which connects users' favorite clothes with its website via a simple button, has hit two million 'loved' items within just two months after its launch.

Fashiolista has been described as the 'Twitter of fashion,' but the website really works more like Facebook's 'Like' button, which was recently incorporated into countless sites to facilitate sharing your favorite internet finds.

To start sharing and 'loving' clothes on, shoppers just have to install the heart-shaped button to their browser toolbar in order to start linking clothes from a number of big online stores, such as Topshop, ASOS, or Shopbop. Other Fashiolistas can then 'love' those items and start following the users whose personal style they are most in line with.

Designed to save online shoppers some time, it seems as if the site sometimes does the opposite, however: "We've read several tweets from members saying that they are completely addicted," said Thijs Goos, co-founder and designer of the website. "From our stats we can tell that some members have spent entire days on the website, loving over a thousand items and visiting hundreds of fashion stores."

According to Goos, the site has seen exceptional growth in Brazil. Users' most-'loved' stores are ASOS, Net-à-Porter, and Forever21.