From World Cup-themed nails to Lindsay Lohan's subtle "F*ck You" message on top of a tie dye-inspired manicure in court, nail art is celebrating a comeback this year, taking often unexpected shapes. A selection.

Georgia-Rose Fairman, based at London's most innovative nail studios, WAH Nails, creates manicures out of portraits, and even if Adolf Hitler's mini-me might not tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other famous faces to choose from, including Coco Chanel or Donatella Versace. You can even send Fairman your own photos, which can be worked into your personalized nail art, at

WAH Nails also offers trend-inspired manicures at Topshop's Oxford Street store in London. They include nail art made of "cutesy bows, neon leopard print and cut-out details."

For those in New York, why not try the Hello Beautiful salon in Williamsburg? Its very own Yasuda  has already beautified the nails of Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, and Steven Tyler (!). She told style blog Fashionista that the airbrush design Lohan wore to court could be done in 20 minutes, costing $50.

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Sophy Robson has created a range of faux nails for the UK Elle Collections magazine that carry designer logos, such as the ones of Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, but also of up-and-coming designers, including Henry Holland. The collection will launch later this summer.

Style blog, Refinery29 has compiled a selection of four DIY looks that "look way harder than they are to create," including florals, animal print, and ombre/graduation nails - without a spraygun.

All too fancy for you? Then you might like a manicure whose added extra is in its scent. And by that, Revlon doesn't mean the slightly toxic scent you're used to from the nail studio: the beauty brand has brought back its collection of scented nail polish for this year's summer, with lacquers smelling of Orange Smoothie, Cotton Candy, or Bubble Gum. Unfortunately, they're only available to US customers at the moment.

A similarly playful product comes courtesy of Perfect Formula, which has launched a range of polishes that change color depending on body heat - much like 'mood rings:' colder temperatures will give you deeper tones, while warmer ones will result in brighter shades.

And by the way: Minx nail 'stickers' are now available in many different designs on, costing $15 per pack. Browse the selection here.