Using bronzing creams on your face will make wrinkles appear less prominent anyway, but now Lancôme has launched a lotion that actively combines tanning and the prevention of lines.

The beauty brand's Flash Bronzer Face Lotion relies on seaweed extract, antioxidants and SPF 15 protection to prevent aging and adds caramel extract for the bronzing effect, appearing after 30 minutes and lasting up to five days.

"Signs of aging and fatigue appear less visible; skin appears lifted, fresh and supple. Visible imperfections are smoothed out, the complexion appears more even and luminous," Lancôme promises, adding that the ingredients normally used in conventional anti-aging creams should leave "the skin feeling tighter, more resilient and toned."

There are indeed few comparable products on the market, the only potential competitors being Fake Bake's Platinum Face anti-aging self-tanner, or Nuxe's Soleil Prodigieux face cream. However, with both products launching this year, this could indicate a trend towards 'more-in-one' face lotions to facilitate the daily routine and give customers 'more for their money.'

Lancôme's Flash Bronzer Face Lotion sells for $36.