Some long-awaited web shopping news items have been announced this week.

Style blog Fashionista reports that Spanish fast fashion chain Zara - which, just like competitor H&M, has been surprisingly slow in developing its e-commerce, only having launched in Europe last year - has confirmed it will bring its e-shop stateside September 7.

In return, the über-popular US label J Crew, which stocks everything from basics to bridal wear, will bring its clothes to the UK - and thus to a lot of other European countries thanks to cheaper shipping costs - via a new digital store by the end of this month.

With few exceptions, the fashion industry is a notoriously late adapter to new technologies. One of the very last prominent houses to launch e-commerce is Salvatore Ferragamo: having previously run an accessories-only e-shop, the brand's ready-to-wear will become available online August 5.