New skincare line makes beauty brand rocket to the top online

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Thanks to the launch of its bareMinerals skincare line, Bare Escentuals has climbed to the top of Famecount's biggest beauty risers of the week.

The new range, which incorporates the brand's signature ActiveSoil complex derived from minerals found in virgin soil, includes cleansers, moisturizers, and nighttime "treats," priced from $20 to $60.

The fastest-growing brands in terms of "new fans this week" under the category "beauty" according to are:

01. BareEscentuals: +116,266 (total fans: 316,126)
02. Bath & Body Works: + 49,295 (total fans: 1,583,809)
03. ChapStick: +43,738 (total fans: 1,922,263)
04. AXE: +39,498 (total fans: 1,030,480)
05. HairExperts: +33,922 (total fans: 758,329)
06. Axe Angels Club: +30,971 (total fans: 1,285,990)
07. Sephora: +25,684 (total fans: 1,257,285)
08. Dove: +25,657 (total fans: 501,719)
09. MAC Cosmetics: +25,591 (total fans: 1,632,863)
10. Clinique: +19,615 (total fans: 559,107)

Data recorded Tuesday, March 22. Famecount ranks brands, celebrities and politicians according to the number of daily/monthly/total Facebook and/or Twitter fans/followers each receives.