A new company's employees go shopping for you to reduce delivery times, packaging, and shipping fees.

Launched June 22, Suddenlee.com guarantees "next-day delivery from over 300 retailers in a single box" for online shoppers based in the Northeast of the US.

Thanks to a drag-and-drop bookmarking tool, items from different stores including Zara, H&M and Macy's can be added together with your size and desired color to the same virtual shopping basket in order to be shopped in store, packaged, and shipped by Suddenlee.

"It seems ironic with the convenience of online and mobile shopping that it takes so long to receive the products once you've paid for them," Erica Kammann, the company's co-founder says in a press release, adding that shopping cart abandonment rates average close to 60 percent.

"We make it easy for [shoppers] to find what they need, pay for it all at once and then get it all the very next day for the same cost as standard shipping on most websites," she explains.

A potential problem could be not knowing at time of purchase whether or not your wanted item is going to be in stock. Suddenlee's FAQ site states: "We will email you as soon as we identify that we are not able to fulfill one or more items within your order. We will wait for you to tell us whether or not we can move forward with the rest of your purchase."

Service fees - for purchases from up to two stores - start at $10, depending on your total order value. Items from additional stores can be added for an extra $2.50 per retailer.

Suddenlee is limited to New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Richmond for the moment, but plans to expand to other regions across the United States soon.

See a demonstration of how the shoopping tool works at http://youtu.be/BUeOSSowzxQ.