The images you see here are the combined efforts of stylist Claire Todd, photographer Platon, and graphic designer Peter Anderson, all of whom met in the early 1990s on the Graphic Design course at Central St Martin's College of Art & Design. At college, the three quickly realised that a magazine fashion spread is the sum of several different parts. First, of course, there are the clothes, which are selected and put together by a stylist. Then there is the hair, the make-up and the model, the canvas upon which the image is built; and, of course, the photographer, whose eye behind the camera lens creates a look or a mood. Finally, there are the graphics, which turn a photograph into an editorial page. The caption information, from the fabric content of a suit to the addresses of the shops that sell it, makes a fashion spread relevant to the consumer, giving it a commercial value as well as a creative one.

Gravitaz, as the three call themselves, have developed the relationship between clothes, captions and photograph into an artform. In their pictures, typefaces positively bounce together, taking on the properties of an Issey Miyake dress, or stretch into a pair of elongated platform shoes, becoming part of the image as a whole - as well as yielding information for those with the patience to find it. If you can't make it to Hamiltons to see the work on display, it will no doubt jump out at you soon from the pages of a glossy magazine: the Italian label, Moschino, has booked Gravitaz for its new advertising campaign.

The work of Gravitaz is on show at Hamiltons, 13 Carlos Place, London W1 until 28 September