After New Man, Morgan Man

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Much in the same way that Loaded followed Cosmopolitan magazine, so the slinky knee-high-booted, cleavage-thrusting Morgan Femme is the natural precursor to Morgan Homme, which is set to hit shops around the country in the next two weeks.

Morgan womenswear was established in France in 1985 by the Abehsera family and has been sold on the British high street since 1992. Five years later, there are 33 Morgan shops around the country selling affordable, sexy clothes for girls and women who have a penchant for revealing inches of flesh. The menswear was a logical next step, and is hot on the heels of other popular high-street stores that have seen a gap in the menswear market: Jigsaw menswear launched only in 1993, whereas French Connection has been at it since 1976.

The clothes themselves are not necessarily for the boy version of the Morgan girl, although she would certainly look good on his arm. They are affordable, directional, practical and flashy - in the sense that a man looking for a good suit to wear for a night out would look at Morgan first, and go somewhere else for one to wear for work. Key pieces also include colourful, chunky knitwear which, according to Rachel Hall, a company spokeswoman, "buyers couldn't get enough of", and subtle, low-shine shirts and car coats. The overall silhouette is slim, and fits well with the Morgan design ethos. The designer of Morgan womenswear, Jocelyn Bismouth, has been consulting on the range, although it is being manufactured by a different company.

Morgan Homme, confusingly, will not be available within existing Morgan womenswear shops, as Hall explains: "We didn't just want to put it in with the women's stuff, partly as there was no room for it, and we didn't want the men to feel embarrassed trying things on." So instead the range is being tried out in stores such as Fenwick in Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells, Allders and Suit Yourself stores around the country, and other independent shops. There will be one M Homme store opening in Glasgow in the first week of September, which will carry the biggest selection of stock, and more stores will be added as soon as possible.

M Homme, 33 Princes Square, first floor (0141-204 0980; for further inquiries, call 0171-383 2888).

Melanie Rickey