Agi & Sam at London Collections: Men

VIDEO: See the latest offerings on the catwalk

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Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton occupy an unusual world, especially in fashion. It's a world where pensioners wear short-short suits in digitised jacquards patterned like the back of bus seats, with tailoring in every colour from azure through egg-yolk, and where men cross-dress in multi-pleat culottes. The latter isn't so weird in the fashion world, but Agi & Sam (as their label is dubbed) are otherwise some of the most straight-playing, upstanding members of the young London Collections: Men crowd. 

Their latest collection was somewhat verbosely titled 'Boris Said We Shouldn't Do It, But We Did It Anyway', and was inspired by the above mentioned circuitous route through the public transport system and old-age sartorial delights of England, with fabrics based on the unappreciated delights of upholstery and industrial flooring. I'm not really sure what the title relates to, in all honesty. The geometric-woven suiting that resembled bus back-seats (intentionally) was maybe bemoaning the death of the bendy-bus. And the short-shorts were ideal for cycling in. Or maybe the mayor just dropped one of his usual PR clangers, trying to put them off starting a fashion business in today's uncertain economic climate, say, and start a sandwich shop instead?

Whatever Boris said, it's a good job Agi & Sam ignored it. This was a brilliant show, popping with colour, wit and enticingly interesting tailoring details. The whimsical tale honestly made me curl my lip a little, but the clobber won me over, no questions asked.