American Apparel recalls 'hazardous' nail polish

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Celebrity and fashion blog Jezebel reports that US retailer American Apparel's first range of nail polish, initially claimed to be eco-friendly, contains 'hazardous material' and has been pulled from the shelves.

A leaked email by an American Apparel employee states that "due to some quality issues with the glassware used in the American Apparel nail polish we are requesting all bottles be taken off the sales floor immediately."

Underlining that the message was intended to staff only, it continues: "If customers inquire about the nail polish, please inform them that we are preparing our new stock and that they should check back soon. Also, let them know that we are launching 6 new colors for Spring! Give them a card to the store and encourage them to call and check if we've received our new shipment."

American Apparel has since reacted by offering concerned customers two bottles of the new nail polish (that according to the email will be shipped within five to ten days) or a gift certificate of $10.

The brand, which makes a point of being sustainable, started rolling out a collection of 18 nail polish shades December 16 amid a trend of fashion retailers introducing housebrand beauty products.