American Apparel’s model agency leaked casting call saying it wants ‘real models’ not ‘Instagram hoes’

PhotoGenics agency reportedly assumes 'full responsability for the e-mail contents'

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American Apparel seems to be steering the wheel by targeting real models instead of “regular people” for its upcoming campaigns as revealed in a leaked casting call issued by a modelling agency.

Just days after the clothing chain had one of its ads banned by an advertising watchdog, swiftly followed by controversies over displaying lingerie models with airbrushed nipples and pubic hair,  an  LA-based agency issued a casting call referencing the retailer which read: “Company is going through a rebranding image so will be shooting models moving forward. Real models. Not Instagram hoes or thots.”

“Thot” is the slang abbreviation for “that hoe over there”.

Animal NewYork leaked the email allegedly sent by an LA-based modelling agency for the brand after an employee within the company reportedly forwarded them a copy of the email sent.

According to Animal, PhotoGenics agency “assumed full responsibility for the email contents” and its director added: “The casting email and its contents were intended for a handful of models that would be attending the casting. 

“As with all internal company emails, it contained information that may be confidential and protected by the attorney-client and may constitute non-public information. It was intended to be conveyed only to the designated recipients in that email. Any use, dissemination, distribution, or reproduction of the message by unintended recipients is not authorized and may be unlawful.

“The comment made at the end was made in jest with models whom I have a personal relationship with and did not reflect the views, or directives by the client. I apologise to all those who were offended or affected by my comments, as it was not my intention.”

American Apparel has been criticised for “sexualising children” by featuring models that look underage, but the company has also been applauded in the past for featuring “regular people” in campaigns and applying minimal Photoshopping too.

American Apparel 's ad, which got banned last week

Looking for real 5ft tall models might be part of the change proposed by its newly appointed CEO Paula Shneider, who told Bloomberg: “It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual. There’s a way to tell our story where it’s not offensive.”

However, according to the New York Post, the brand's new senior vice president of marketing, Cynthia Erland, "told as many as 30 employees at a meeting that she didn’t want models who were 'too short and round,' according to three sources who were present at the meeting".

The Independent has requested comment from American Apparel and Photogenics.

See leaked casting call here.