A new application for the iPhone meant to help against wrinkles, cellulite and even hair loss will be released early next year.

Danny Salomon, vice president at United Holdings Group, has developed the dubious 'AntiAgeingApp,' which will sell at $2.99 on iTunes and is currently causing debate on the internet.

According to the company, the new application will use color, light and sound therapy to "heal" wrinkles, acne, and cellulite and even stimulate hair growth.

"The healing strategy makes use of the wavelengths of light and sound in order to stimulate the body's natural defense systems," reads an explanation by the developing team on tech site Network World. "When those cells get energized, they produce collagen and elastin. The result will be firmer and rejuvenated skin tone, and improved circulation."

Ten more applications, for $0.99 each, will be launched for individual "treatments."

Color, light and sound therapies are commonly offered by spas and other practices as aging remedies - their real effect however, just as for many other miracle wrinkle-reversal cures, remains to be proven.