Beatlemania captures fashion

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Following a highly publicized Guitar hero release, legendary rock band The Beatles are now the focus of interest of two new fashion collections.

Hipster favorite Bape (or A Bathing Ape), is planning to release a collection that will feature t-shirts with the band members as cartoon characters, knit sweaters and zipper bags. One of the highlights is a t-shirt inspired by the group's Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band album cover, with the hedge spelling BAPE instead of BEATLES. Launch date and pricing are yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, avant-garde label Comme des Garçons and electronics giant Apple also have a Beatles range in the works: Available from November 27 at London's concept Dover Street Market, the collection will mainly feature leather bags with printed apples, the trademark shared by Apple and The Beatles. Shirts and t-shirts will also go on sale with the new line.

Apple previously announced a limited-edition The Beatles USB stick in the shape of an apple that will sell at $331 from December 7.

The group's influence on fashion has been widely documented, with especially John Lennon's style impacting on suits, boots, hats, and glasses - let alone the infamous mop-top haircut.

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