Following the introduction of, Dior Beauty has started its own video site featuring tutorials on how to best apply its products.

Other beauty labels have posted their own branded videos on YouTube before (see Smashbox or MAC, for example) but Stila and Dior are the first brands to launch their own tutorial channels.

Dior's newly inaugurated site, which is currently advertised on YouTube, has the brand's international team of makeup artists showing viewers how to create classic looks, ranging from smoky eyes to nude makeup, using their products. A special Christmas look is also featured on the channel.

Without a doubt, both Stila's and Dior's channels are an attempt to gain control over the vast amount of tutorials on the web and re-establish authority in beauty. Vloggers have an impressive following with some of their videos being watched hundreds of thousands of times. One of the best-known among them, Lauren Luke, even released her own makeup collection with retailer Sephora - a threat that classic beauty manufacturers must have grown aware of.

The US version of Elle magazine also introduced its community-based online tutorial channel Video Star earlier this year.