Beauty label puts a modern twist on Rapunzel

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Hair iron makers ghd have released their new fairytale-inspired TV campaign and it is a welcome diversion from the commonly blunt beauty ads by rather following the current trend for short, narrative-based films in fashion.

Usually reserved for the more poetic fragrance ads, the elements used by ghd in the short create a whole 'world' around the product, in this case the world of Rapunzel, the fairytale character that was famously saved by letting her hair down.

In the modern take of the beauty brand, an emancipated Rapunzel no longer relies on the knight in shining armor to free her from her towering prison: using a straightening iron, her hair becomes longer and helps her escape on her own.

While beauty ads are usually nice to look at, they often fail at storytelling, a trend that is increasingly gripping the fashion industry, with examples including artistic short films by Vanessa Bruno or Victoria Beckham.

The ad premiered during the TV show X-Factor in the UK on November 14 and can be watched internationally on YouTube.