Estée Lauder is hosting an event series focusing on social media, telling US customers to get a free beauty makeover in order to look perfect for their profile pages.

It is no secret that, for many Facebook users or bloggers, no effort is spared in order to create that one picture-perfect profile image, the Internet presence that stands for the life they want to represent.

The phenomenon has been spoofed before - a popular YouTube user just recently posted a parody of a hit song by the Black Eyed Peas' changing the lyrics into: "I have a feeling that tonight's gonna be a profile pic" - but never before has a beauty label used it as blatantly as Estée Lauder; an advertisement reads: "Your Beauty. Your Style. Your Profile." And: "Get a great photo for your social network page, website or blog."

At two upcoming events, the beauty brand will offer free makeovers and photo sessions with customers getting to keep the best shot.

In order for you to "put your best face in cyberspace," the staff will even "help you post it online, if you wish."

Beauty and fashion labels are increasingly incorporating Facebook into their promotions, with Lancôme just recently holding a naming competition for its latest Pout-à-Porter lipstick (together with designer Chris Benz) and Louis Vuitton live-broadcasting their fashion show on the networking platform. Women's Wear Daily reports October 14 that Facebook is the number one social media site used by retailers, since it is estimated that for every 10,000 declared 'fans' a company gathers online, 1.5 million people are reached.

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