Maternity clothes are doubly chic as Angelina takes to the red carpet

Yes, she's pregnant. Yes, it's twins. But when will Angelina Jolie give birth? As the Cannes Film Festival came to a close, the due date of Brad Pitt's inamorata was more widely discussed than the return of film-maker Terence Davies or whether Benicio Del Toro really did portray Che Guevara accurately.

Although 19 August was talked of, once commentators had really studied Ms Jolie's festival attire, the date seemed like a ruse to throw us off the scent. She was, to put it bluntly, enormous. During week one, a pretty white summer dress drew more attention to her very slim arms and legs than "the bump".

But for dinner with Clint Eastwood and Mick Jagger, Angelina stepped it up and let it all show. She managed to look simultaneously sexy (strapless, plunging bodice) and maternal (huge belly under billowing floor-length skirt). The next day, killer heels and tight black Lycra commanded La Croisette in a move guaranteed to make expectant mothers everywhere weep with frustration, while the sound of paparazzi shutters could be heard across France. Surely two babies wouldn't be staying in there for longer than one more month, at most?

For her final Cannes appearance, Angelina wore something resembling maternity wear. An elegant grey gown covered everything in drapery and, although accompanied by a stunning array of diamonds, it looked comfortable and, well, roomy.

We might not believe her due date, but who could doubt her sartorial skills? After all, she managed to make DMs and safari shorts sexy as Lara Croft.