Beyoncé Knowles, Sir Philip Green and Cara Delevingne attend the Topshop Topman New York City flagship / Getty Images

The pair shared matching snaps and got fans gaga over the possible music collaboration between the pop star and the supermodel

First Will Heard, then Pharrell Williams, now (possibly) Beyonce. Cara Delevingne is climbing her way up to the top of the music world.

Delevingne and Beyonce sparked rumours that they could be recording together after they both posted a picture of their hands on what appears to be the same mixing desk in a recording studio, within a minute of each other.

The images have no caption, but the timing suggests they were both at the same studio at the same time, perhaps recording together?

The popstar’s image shows her recognisable long nails and blinged jewellery, while Delevingne’s shows her short nails and distinguishable tattoos.

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Beyonce has more than 27 million followers, while Delevingne has almost 10, summing more than 37 milllion Instagram users together, who’ve reached their posts and have thought the same. However, any further information about the possible collaboration has been released.

It’s no secret that the British supermodel, who’s proved to be a woman of many talents, has a desire to break into the acting and music industry as well – and has successfully put a foot in both.

She’s currently a proficient drummer. In 2013 she debuted her first single alongside British singer Will Heard with the track “Sun Don’t Shine”.

Last year she revealed her single Called “CC The World” with “Happy’s” hitmaker Pharrell Williams, which was released with a Chanel fashion film.

Back in February last year, Williams gushed about her when he told Capital FM during a live radio interview: “I think what people should probably focus in on, versus these specific projects, is on her, her spirit. And what she’s up to next. Trust me.”

So a collaboration with Beyonce is what Williams was talking about?