Brioni launch exclusive fragrance

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Leading Italian lifestyle brand Brioni has launched a limited-edition fragrance to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the house of Brioni.

A lavish launch event for the scent, hosted by Bryan Ferry, was staged in London last week.

The men's fragrance, simply called 'Brioni', is the first men's fragrance from the company for 50 years. In 1958, the brand introduced a limited series of men's fragrances, which included the "Good Luck" eau-de-cologne and celebrated the chic and innovative elegance of the period.

The new scent is designed to reflect Brioni's signature style of classical elegence with a modern touch. Andrea Perrone, CEO of Brioni said: "The 'Brioni' fragrance is a unique product, true to Brioni's commitment to quality and refinement."