This little bag really does scream "buy me!" It is one of those luxuries we can do without, but at the same time, we cannot. Isn't fashion delightfully fickle?.

The bag is from Samantha Heskia's second collection; her designs are already swinging from the trendiest arms in Britain. All are made to order in the colour or combination of your choice. Styles include satin- lined envelope bags and drawstring pouches.

The one here is a mini beach bag, designed to contain the essentials for the seaside, patch of grass or outdoor pool. Tube of sunscreen, a novel and shades fit happily, but think about somewhere else to put loose change. The workmanship is faultless, and because it's reinforced with extra- strong wire (which holds the hand-picked beads together), however dainty the bag is, you don't have to be.

Available from Johnny Moke, 396 King's Road, London SW3, 0171-351 2232; to order from Samantha Heskia, 0171-373 7613. Prices start at pounds 60. MELANIE RICKEY