What is a rip-off and what is a bargain is the January fashion conundrum. One of the latter is a black, fitted satin jacket from Oasis, which doesn't look out of place in the after-party season.

It is reasonably fitted and cut to a give a slimming silhouette. It is classic, so it won't be horribly out of fashion by February, and yet it is not dull. It is, in short, a fashion find and at less than two-thirds of its pre-Christmas price, is certain to be a popular item at the sales. My advice? Get to the shops early and be ready to fight for it. I'll see you there.

The jacket costs pounds 49.99 in the sales. Oasis has 84 stores nationwide, with branches in Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and London. Reductions are 30-50 per cent.