Muji is the home of all things remarkably plain, incredibly useful and reasonably cheap.

Stationery and knick-knacks aside, its basic range of clothing has proved very popular with those who have an eye for quality, but whose budget does not extend infinitesimally.

This fleecy body warmer bridges the gap between sportswear and casualwear. The price is initially its selling point - at £49, it is 50 per cent cheaper than a very similar version on offer at a leading designer store.

Once you get your hands on this garment it becomes irresistible. The reason? It is the softest, cosiest fabric, perfect for keeping you warm duringchilly nights, and also rather handy for the multitude of situations that require heat insulation - from jogging to broken- down central heating (the latter having caused me great discomfort over the past fortnight). The body warmer is made from 100 per cent polyester and comes in grey and black.

It is available from Muji, 26 Great Marlborough Street W1 and 63-67 Queen Street Glasgow G1.

For more information call 0171-494-1197.