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Nylon has proved its fashion worthiness time and again over the past few seasons, and thanks to labels such as Prada, it is now here to stay. The Spanish designer Armand Basi recently succumbed to the nylon revolution and has included a black nylon range in his collection. Well known as a designer of clubby menswear, Basi, who opened his first London store in May, now sells women's clothes and accessories as well. His hold- alls and rucksacks appeal equally to men and women. With their utilitarian, basic boxy design and mid-sized handles, the hold-all is perfect as a weekend bag or sports bag for the girl (or boy) with an "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to luggage.

Black nylon hold-all, pounds 51, available from Armand Basi, 12 Floral Street, London WC2.