The clothes line
So far summer has been about as much fun as watching paint dry. It is enough to give one SAD, the condition that causes depression because of lack of sunlight. At least last week the weathermen finally redeemed themselves by getting something right. They promised a heatwave, and we got one. Hooray. The perfect chance to rediscover summer clothes.

The question plaguing many of us is what to wear to maintain sophistication and elegance but remain summery. This is the answer - a dress the colour of the sun, made from a fine linen weave that is gently cut on the bias to flatter all shapes and sizes. In addition, the length will be a boon to anyone who is not happy in short skirts.

If your idea of the perfect cheer-up colour is more Indian-Ocean-washing- over-the-shores-of-the-Seychelles, the dress also comes in vivid turquoise. The more serious-minded can opt for the black and white version.

The dress costs pounds 79.95 and is available in sizes 10-16 from Phase 8, 28 Kensington Church Street, London W8, 23 Hill Street, Richmond; and Dickins and Jones, W1. For mail order inquiries and local stockists ring 0171-371 5656.