You're on your own, it's late, your legs have a pale bluish tinge, and it's going to be a scorcher tomorrow. Will you put on a pair of loose- fit trousers - again - or that short dress you've been looking at for weeks but have never worn? What worries you is the thought of baring your legs, exposing them to people familiar with sunbeds and sandy beaches, not to mention your feelings as you get sympathetic glances from sun- kissed people. Tan-effect tights can be too sweaty, and strappy sandals look silly with that heavy toe shadow some tights have.

The problem has been addressed by Pretty Polly, which has introduced Sheer Lights, natural-look tights that contain aJapanese fibre called Sideria and actually create a cool sensation on the leg. There is no toe shadow either: just a discreet line of stitching. So, you pale chicks out there, fool them all.

Pretty Polly Sheer Lights, pounds 3.25,available nationwide from most department stores. For more details call 01623 552 500.