Long ago in ancient Rome when men and women dressed the same, things were simpler, but a lot less fun. The toga may have been a design classic, but it was a dodgy item to wear. What with the constant threat of exposure because of a bad fit around the shoulders, it's no wonder fashion evolved.

Today, togas are for dodgy parties, but the one-shoulder look has lived on. And thanks to advances in science - ie, the invention of Lycra - modesty will be maintained - but don't jump around too much.

This little number by Warehouse is a kind of tennis dress for someone who has no intention of hitting a ball. It is short (no bending over in this one unless you are wearing frilly knickers) and sweet. A tan is essential, as are some neat pumps, and ankle socks. But it is not to be confused with something to wear on an energetic night out. This is strictly for posing on a sun-drenched boulevard somewhere in the Med.

Nylon mix one-shouldered minidress, pounds 34.99, from branches of Warehouse nationwide. Available from 22 May. For further information, call 0171- 278 3491.