The American brand is taking inspiration from real life digital dating for its autumn/winter campaign.

Calvin Klein is well known for its provocative ad campaigns - from a nearly nude Kate Moss to a frolicking Lara Stone and Justin Bieber - the iconic American brand has covered it all, almost.

For autumn/winter 2015 the jeans division of the brand delves into the world of digital dating with a campaign featuring an array of models pictured in suggestive positions with the script of a conversation based on a real life online encounter displayed next to them.

"Hahah a light threesome never hurt anyone," "You  know he's not as good as me," "We gotta buy your roommate some ear plugs" is just some of the 'sexts' featured in the racy advertising images.

Emphasising the real life element of the campaign, the imagery also features the tag line "raw texts, real stories."


The campaign was described by the brand as "an innovative sociological experiment turned fashion campaign, the visuals provide an editorial narrative of how a modern generation uniquely approaches sexual connection in a digital world."

The campaign was shot by Mario Sorrenti, a long time favoured photographer for the brand.

Melissa Goldie, Chief Marketing Office of the brand explained the campaign:

“Through this campaign, we’re creating an emotional connection with today’s technology driven generation, highlighting the new normal channel for modern meet-ups.”

Earlier this month Calvin Klein introduced Kendall Jenner in her second campaign for the brand, this time modelling for the underwear division. Jenner took over from Justin Bieber and Lara Stone who fronted last seasons lingerie campaign.

This new campaign which features models rather than famous faces, marks a step away from the celebrity featured advertising that the brand has traditionally favoured.