ONE lesser-spotted finding of the NOP/Independent poll this week concerned faith in MPs. Some 83 per cent felt politicians were 'in no position to advise other people about morality'. This week the Candid Caller asked: what advice from your MP would you trust; and what advice would you give your MP?

Mr Tony Goodman of Edinburgh: 'There's little I'd turn to my MP for. I think MPs are all in it for their own good, feathering their own nests. The only advice I'd trust would be about changes in government policy. I'd advise my MP to tell John Major his days are numbered.'

Mrs Janice Badman of Church Stretton: 'I wouldn't turn to my MP for moral advice, but I'd listen to him on local issues. My advice would be to listen to the people.'

Mr Mark Goodman of Tyneside: 'It's daft that we put politicians on pedestals. The Parkinsons and Mellors of this world show they are all human. I'd trust my MP on local matters, such as transport changes, but little else.'

Mrs Marjorie Badman of Birmingham: 'I'd listen to my MP about local housing or goings- on in the area. I have met my MP a few times at social events. Ours is what I'd term a 'fairly good' MP, but I don't think on the whole they really pull their weight.'

Mr Richard Goodman of Milton Keynes: 'MPs are pillars of society. Too many of society's important values are being eroded - all that's left, if you're not careful, is anarchy. I'd trust our MP implicitly.'

Mrs Elizabeth Badman of Byfleet: 'I wouldn't listen to advice about moral behaviour as I have other, more reliable, sources. I've got very strong religious convictions, so I'd turn to the church rather than my MP. My advice would be to push for good care in the community for the elderly.'

Mr George Goodman of the Isle of Wight: 'No, I wouldn't listen to MPs on matters of morality. Why should they know any better than the rest of us? My advice would be to confine themselves to practical matters about what is happening in their communities, and leave things like morals to the individual.'

Mr Alan Badman of Hackney, East London: 'I'm a Marxist and I've a very clear idea what I think about things. Our MP is Diane Abbott, the first black female MP in Britain, and I'd listen to her about matters of race. People in power are there to be used, so my advice to MPs is to accept that that is what they are there for.'