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THIS week the Candid Caller reports from across the pond, where he went in search of the all-American answer. With a new president in the Oval Office, the subject of homosexuals had come out of the closet. What did the country want Clinton and Gore to do first, and should gays be allowed in the US armed forces?

Mr Al Gore of West Los Angeles, Calif: 'Vice-President Gore is my distant relative; I'm from New York and he's from Tennessee but some of the branches connect. ('Are you related enough to look him up?') I would look him up but would I go to (Washington) DC? I want to see Clinton introduce a universal health plan, restore the infrastructure, rectify the balance of trade and prevent jobs leaving the continental United States. I truly don't have an opinion on whether gays should be admitted to the military.'

Mr Bill Clinton of Orange County, Calif: 'Start keeping his election promises, like sorting out jobs for everyone and the other things he's mentioned, which don't occur to me this very moment. I've nothing against gays in the military, it shouldn't be an issue.'

Mr Stephen Gore of Santa Monica, Calif: 'Health care. There are too many people without it and the people with it don't care about it as they've already got it. The people with the least amount of representation are the ones who need it the most, so it will be the hardest thing for Clinton to get through. I think gays are already in the military; I think it's a little late to get them out.'

Mr Brad Clinton of Mar Vista, Calif: 'Well, like most Americans I'd like them to sort out the economy. I don't think gays should be allowed in the military. The President and I share the same name but I don't think we share the same views on this.'

Mrs Hilary Gore of Marina del Rey, Calif: 'Their priority must be to take care of the people's needs, like finding jobs and providing places to live. I don't know why gays shouldn't be admitted to the military, one thing has nothing to do with the other.'

Mr Michael Clinton of Santa Monica, Calif: 'They must get the economy back on track and get spending on bureaucracy in government back to rights. I think gays should be admitted because I'm gay] ('Is that the only reason?') My lover was gay and he was a marine. Gays have served in the military for decades - no one knows it, that's all.'

Mr Fred Gore Jnr of Mar Vista, Calif: 'Obviously something has to be done to get the economy moving again. I don't think gays should be admitted into the military; I just don't think they're compatible.'