THE huntsmen are fighting back against the saboteurs with a video designed to show that fox-hunting is not cruel. The antis say the video is so cruel it is an own goal. But what do you think? The Candid Caller rang to ask: 'Are you for or against fox-hunting?'

Sir John Peel of Victoria, west London: 'I don't hunt but I'm not against it.'

Mrs Shirley Fox of Hereford: 'Against. I think it's cruel to hunt any sort of animal.'

Miss Ros Hare of Penrith, Cumbria: 'Against. Even if foxes have to be killed, I don't think it should be enjoyed.'

Mr James Trapp of Chiswick, west London: 'I see no reason why fox- hunting shouldn't continue.'

Mrs Ella Hunting of Abbey Wood, south-east London: 'I'm against fox-hunting because it's cruel. Ripping a poor little animal to pieces is disgusting and ought to be stopped. I'm 70 now, but when I was a girl my grandfather had a farm and fox-hunting on the land was common. I wouldn't go near the hunts. I hated them.'

Mr Clyde Hunter of Worcester: 'I'm against because it's cruel. I think it should be stopped.'

Mrs Joan Cull of Boxford, Suffolk: 'I don't feel strongly either way. I think foxes have got to be controlled and other ways of killing them seem more cruel.'